Brunette1Annelíese Spa Salon RESTORATIVE Shampoo & Conditioner are expertly formulated for dry or damaged hair.

Formulated with extract of select Cortina Olives grown in France, rich in antioxidants found only in the fruit, not the leaves. This rich restorative treatment shampoo and conditioner renew dry & damaged hair’s texture, smoothness & shine.

Annelíese Spa Salon RESTORATIVE Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated with unique natural extracts obtained from a selected variety of fresh Cortina olive fruits that are harvested by hand in France. A rich source of powerful and beneficial antioxidants, these substances are only present in the fruit, not the leaves. The olive is legendary as a beauty enhancing secret and the prized oils of the fruit have long been used for hair and skin care because of their ability to replenish and restore essential moisture and balance. This formula helps repair damage to the hair caused by overexposure to harsh treatments and the drying effects of the environment. Annelíese Spa Salon hair care treatments have been expertly formulated to the highest standards, based on decades of experience in professional salon care. Our signature spa formulations are professionally tested and perfected. You are assured of the very best results with each and every use.