VOLUMIZING Salon Hair Care


CurlGirl1Annelíese Spa Salon VOLUMIZING Shampoo & Conditioner are specially formulated for fine & thin hair

Formulated with natural protein from Quinoa, called the “Mother Grain” by the ancient Incas, and rich in amino acids, Quinoa proteins bond to each hair shaft to smooth and protect the cuticle while adding extra volume,  body and fullness.

Annelíese Spa Salon VOLUMIZING Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated with extracts of the unique seed harvested from the Quinoa plant. This legendary grain-like seed was highly prized by the ancient Incas, who grew the marvellous Quinoa plant high in the Andean mountain range of South America. The nutrient-rich properties of Quinoa were essential to sustaining life and health – therefore the Incas named it the “Mother Grain.” Today, modern research has found that the complex natural proteins found in Quinoa can bind to the hair shaft, effectively increasing its strength and volume, while smoothing and protecting the outer cuticle. Annelíese Spa Salon hair care treatments have been expertly formulated to the highest standards, based on decades of experience in professional salon care. Our signature spa formulations are professionally tested and perfected. You are assured of the very best results with each and every use.