Brunette_About1At Annelíese Spa Salon, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest in profesional quality hair and skin care treatments. Our focus on quality and performance is revealed in every product that bears the Annelíese Spa Salon name.

Annelíese Spa Salon combines European spa heritage with several decades of pro salon experience and knowledge of advanced cosmetic science to create fine hair & skin care treatments that perform to a high standard of aesthetic and professional quality.

We carefully formulate and manufacture every one of our quality Annelíese Spa Salon formula products in our own state-of-the-art facilities in Southern California. We maintain the strictest standards of quality control on every tightly monitored batch produced so that our customers can rest assured that every Annelíese Spa Salon formula will perform as promised. Our demanding spa and salon customers depend on being able to trust in the Annelíese Spa Salon brand to provide the finest products available to their valued clientele. We stand behind every product that we place our name on and take pride in every package of product we produce. Our promise to you, our valued customer, is that you will be always be pleased and satisfied with the results we have achieved through our hard work, dedication and quest for perfection – principles that we live be every day, but that are often forgotten by many companies in this vast modern personal care industry. Call us “old world” or “old fashioned,” but we believe that these are the things that truly matter – and we also believe that people will perceive the dramatic difference when they compare our fine Annelíese Spa Salon products to other available lines of products.

We are dedicated to delivering only the finest quality with every Annelíese Spa Salon product we produce and sell. Sincerely yours, The Annelíese Spa Salon Team