Annelíese Spa Salon was created with a dedication to the finest spa quality standards. Each of our exclusive formulas will pamper you in indulgent luxury with select effective ingredients expertly combined to achieve superior results every time you experience them. Pleasing the discerning expectations of spa clientele has become our gold standard for every product developed and added to the Annelíese Spa Salon family of fine personal care. You will definitely perceive the spa quality difference when you experience our products at the spa, in a salon or in the privacy of your own home. Indulge yourself in true spa quality.


Our salon heritage is based on over two decades of experience in formulating professional salon treatment products. Advanced formulary science combined with expert knowledge of effectively utilizing natural and botanical ingredients for superior results has yielded the achievement represented by every formula in the Annelíese Spa Salon product line. All of our fine professional formulas have been put through the highest level of rigorous testing and refinement to guarantee perfect and dependable results with every use. Our commitment to quality is your guarantee of professional results with each and every use.


At Annelíese Spa Salon, we believe that natural plant-derived botanical ingredients provide superior benefits for hair and skin. Therefore, we have chosen to focus and rely on key botanicals such as Quinoa derived proteins, extracts of Cortina Olives grown in France, and unique extracts of the seed of Sunflower to create maximum benefit in each of our exclusive spa salon formulas. Cutting-edge science has been employed to extract the precise active essences of these botanical sources and to imbue our products with optimum benefits, satisfying our customers' needs and personal specific requirements.